Tuesday night, during the Pelicans-Blazers national TV game, I finally counted the number of times the camera showed a closeup on coaches Stan Van Gundy and Terry Stotts speaking with their masks below their mouth and nose (something I had intended to do for weeks, but was worried what I would find.) I only counted for the second quarter, and didn’t count the times where the coaches may have been visible in the background improperly masked. The final number was seven times.

It is just not a good look for the league to show authority figures with their masks below…

I went into 2019’s much-celebrated A24 drama Waves knowing this: the trailer was visually stunning, as was director Trey Edward Schults’ 2017 psychological thriller It Comes At Night — featuring Kelvin Harrison, Jr. — and it had something to do with drug addiction. Clocking in at 135 minutes, it felt about 40–50 too long.

Waves opens with a cool shot, of the platinum blonde, popular big man on campus Tyler Williams (Harrison) and his beautiful girlfriend Alexis playfully pushing each other and kissing while he drives across a bridge to or from Miami. The long take is from a constantly…

Photo Courtesy of The Avalon Theater

Edited by Jacob Nierenberg

A lot can be shown in 94 minutes. Or a lot can be wasted. Many coming of age stories take that long just to introduce main plot points, but not Lady Bird, the magnificent and truly original directorial debut by Greta Gerwig.

Lady Bird can be best appreciated as the visualized diary of a girl becoming a woman: it contains a multitude of meaningful episodes, without dedicating extended time to each one so as to dilute the poignance of the journey. We see all we need to see of Lady Bird’s transformation from a kind but…

Last month’s news and this week’s reality that Roger Federer has missed the US Open and 2016 Olympics may seem like the light at the end of the tunnel for arguably the greatest male tennis player of all time. He just turned 35, and has not won a Major title since 2012. It’s only natural to assume Federer has reached his last Final, or even Semi-Final at a Major event.

After Wimbledon this year, Federer said that winning is “not my only reason why I play tennis, just to be clear, otherwise I’ll go in a freeze box now and come out before Wimbledon next year…I know Wimbledon is important, but it’s not everything, everything. There are a lot of things that I’d like to achieve besides winning Wimbledon.” It’s only natural to think that he is too old to make a full recovery, and-even if he does- won’t have the overall game to remain in top 5 or 10. …

Dan Knitzer

Poet, movie buff, tennis and basketball head, recovering internet troll

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